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Voting Links and Rewards

                                                   Scroll down to see the rewards!


Vote Kit - Enchanted iron armor. Enchantments: Protection II, Fire Protection I, Blast Protection II.

Weapons - Enchanted diamond voting sword. Enchantments: Unbreaking I, Smite III, Sharpness II, Looting III.

Weapons - Enchanted voting bow. Enchantments: Infinity I, Punch II, Power II. (Comes with one free arrow)

Items - 5 Super enchanted golden apples, 30 steak, 3 ender pearls, 12 tnt, 5 creeper eggs, 64 obsidian, 32 bedrock.

What you get when voting on all 6 links!

6 vote kits - Thats 6 sets of iron armor, 6 swords, 6 bows, 72 tnt, 30 creeper eggs, 384 obsidian, 192 bedrock, 18 ender pearls, 180 steaks, 30 super enchanted golden apples.

$12,000 In game money!

Lucky Vote

$1,000 extra cash

Extra Lucky Vote

$10,000 extra cash

Vote kit